Getting started with Kandy

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Muscling up your app with real-time communications has never been easier. To get your first taste of Kandy, you must sign up for Kandy using the Promo Code via the form below. Don't worry - this code will give you free and upgraded Kandy access through July 31, 2015. Here's what you'll get:


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Documentation and Tutorials

Once you’re in the ring, you’ll find that the Kandy team is already in your corner. We’ve put together a power-pack of tools to get your app to battle ready.


Getting Help

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Kandy’s killer support team is at your disposal to help you hurdle over any obstacles that come your way. Use the Developer Help Page to find information about the Kandy platform, APIs, and SDKs.


App Inspiration

Not sure what type of app to build, or how Kandy could work within your software? Check out what's been built already on our Showcase page.

Looking for more? Below are a few warm-ups  to get you powered up and ready.


From augmented reality to mobile, a variety of platforms has made gaming ubiquitous. How can you enable real-time communications to enhance the gaming experience?


Advancements in medical technology have brought a plethora of new types of data to collect and analyze. How can you use Kandy to support the triage and transfer of this sensitive data across devices?

Internet of Things

IoT is bringing a new level of machine-to-machine interaction from your home to your car. How can Kandy better integrate human-to-human interaction into the multitude of smart devices?


As sensors enable highly targeted advertising, how can Kandy’s real-time communications enable inspiration and action at the point of sale?

Collaborative Consumption

Services like AirBnB and Lyft have opened up a whole new way to do business, which relies on decentralized trust from their customers. How can you leverage Kandy’s real-time communication tools to enable and develop trust in a collaborative ecosystem?

Grand Challenges

Mobile devices continue to gain traction on many parts of the developing world, opening the door to SMS driven solutions to many of the world’s biggest crises - access to food, clean water, medical care, energy, and more. How can Kandy’s communication tools enable technology that can change the world on a grand scale?


More Questions?

For questions about the Kandy Throw Down Challenge, email, or post them to the Discussion Board.

Or get 1:1 help from a Kandy developer. To set up a 1:1 help session please email: Jean-Yves Boudreau ( or  Srini Baskaran ( They’re at the ready and happy to answer your questions, give feedback, and provide support every step of the way!